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Corporate Services
GJI has customised and special ' Services & Solutions' for corporate clients like Jewellers , Exporters & Manufacturers. We also have special packages which are cost effective for frequent and high volume clients.

Mobile laboratory facility : With taking into consideration the need and safety measures of the jewellers and Gem & Diamond dealers, GJI has come up with Mobile Laboratory facility for bulk certification. in this case, the testing work is done at the client site to make it comfortable and to minimize risk of Jewellers.

Corporate training : We conduct customized training working for Jewellers, traders & their staff. Apart from the study of Diamond, Gems and Jewellery, the Training Programmes also covers relevant topics like Selling skills, Jewllery Management, Market Trends for the benefit of their business.

Consultation : We not only provide consultation for Jewellery, Diamond, and gemstones but, also related to setting up of new venture, manpower, stock management and anything to everything about your business. We have team of expert professionals who can give you useful inputs and feedback for your business.
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