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Gemcraft Jewellery Institute offers various Training Programmes from Basic / Entry level to Advanced level. We provide you the insight into the unique world of Gems, Diamonds & Jewellery. Our courses are for those who want to make a career in the field of gems & jewellery, those who are already in the trade but are willing to enhance their skills & knowledge our courses are also meant for gem enthusiasts, gem-collectors and hobbyists. Our courses are designed in such a way that it provides not only theoretical knowledge but also involves lot of practical experience & market exposure as well. We provide an appropriate environment to develop entrepreneurial skills. Our courses guide you to practice proven techniques using the latest tools & instruments.
  Diamonds & Diamond Grading   6 Weeks  
  Gemstone Indentification   6 Weeks  
  Master Gemology   3 Months  
  Professional Gemologist   6 Months  
  Basic Jewellery Designing   2 Months  
  Professional Jewellery Designing   6 Months  
  Jewellery Basics   1 Month  
  Jewellery Management   1 Month  
  Astro Gems   2 Weeks  
  Training Workshops   As Applicable  
► Weekend batches are also available.
► Customized Courses / Training workshops are organised on demand.
Programme Highlights  
1.  Introduction to Gem industry and Market Overview
2.  Introduction to Gemology.
3.  Nature and origin of Gem materials.
4.  Classification of Gemstones
5.  Crystallography.
6.  Physical & Optical properties of Gem materials and its application in Gem identification.
7.  Crystallography.
8.  Color, its origin in Gems, and optical effects in gem materials.
9.  Magnification techniques; internal and external features.
10.  Synthetic, composite & imitation gem materials.
11.  Gemstone treatments and their detection.
12.  Methods of sight identification.
13.  Implication of Gemstone usage in Jewellery.
14.  Valuation of Gemstones.
15.  Practical Sessions
Diamond & Diamond Grading
1.  Introduction to Diamond industry and Market Overview
2.  Diamond Formation, Mining and Sources.
3.  Introduction to Physical & Optical properties
4.  Identification of Natural Diamond among its simulants and synthetic diamonds.
5.  4 Cs of Diamond Grading:
  a)  Color : Non Fancy and Fancy Colors in Diamonds,
  b)  Clarity : Inclusions, Blemishes, Consideration & Plotting
  c)  Cut : Different shapes and cutting styles; fancy and non fancy shapes
  d)  Carat Weight: units, Sieve set, weight estimation calculations.
6.  Aspects of Practical Diamond Grading on the basis of 4 Cs.
7.  Diamond treatments and their detection.
8.  Study of high pressure high temperature ( HPHT ) & CVD Techniques.
9.  Diamond Valuation.
10.  Practical Sessions
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