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Gemstones have intrigued us throughout history and are reputed as symbols of wealth, power, healing and love. They are desired for their beauty, rarity, durability, tradition and portability.

Gemology is the scientific study of gemstones. It is a branch of mineralogy that is concerned with the study of gem materials, including identification and testing methods, cutting and polishing, synthetically created gems, their sources and origins. Those interested in possessing gems for their value should have an idea of gemology to distinguish one gem from another.

The first step in learning about gemstones is its categorization. The next step is to learn the terminology of gemstones and their physical and optical properties, and how those properties are used to identify gems. After getting the background one can proceed to gem identification.

Gemologists study the quality, characteristics and value of gem stones. They identify gems and guide jewellers about the usage and compatibility of gems in the jewellery. Gem identification is one of the key elements of gemology. Few Rubies and Garnets sometimes look alike, but their values are considerably different and only a gemologist can easily identify the difference and know its physical characteristics and value.

In India the gems and jewellery scenario is undergoing a positive change with diamonds and stones like Tanzanite, Tourmalines, Peridot dominating the consumer preference. At the same time, traditionally preferred gems like Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds have maintained a consistent position. From the trade point of view gems and jewellery has been one of the biggest foreign exchange earner for India. It is therefore, highly necessary that people associated with the trade, receive training and carry out the operations scientifically and professionally so as to achieve greater success.
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