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Gemcraft Jewellery Institute offers various Training Programmes from Basic / Entry Level to Advanced level. We provide you the insight into the mesmerizing world of Gems, Diamonds & Jewellery. Our courses are for people who want to make a career in the field of gems & Jewellery, those who are already in the business and willing to enhanced their skills & knowledge. Our courses are also meant for Gems Enthusiasts, gem-Collectors and Hobbyists.

Our courses are carefully designed to provide you not only theoretical knowledge but also involves lots of practical experiences & market exposure as well. We provide and appropriates environment to develop entrepreneurial skills. Our courses guide you to practice proven techniques using the latest tools & instruments.

  Diamonds & Diamond Grading   1 Month  
  Gemstone Indentification   1 Month  
  Master Gemology   2 Months  
  Professional Gemologist   4 Months  
  Basic Jewellery Designing   1 Months  
  Professional Jewellery Designing   3 Months  
  Jewellery Basics   1 Month  
  Jewellery Management   1 Month  
  Astro Gems   2 Weeks  
  Training Workshops   As Applicable  
► Weekend batches are also available.
► Customized Courses / Training workshops are organised on demand.
Programme Highlights  
Diamond & Diamond Grading
  • Introduction to Diamond Industry: Mine to Market
  • Diamond Formation, Physical & Optical properties.
  • Identification of Diamonds among its Simulants & Synthetic.
  • 4c's of Diamond Grading:
    • Color: Non Fancy & Fancy Color Diamonds
    • Clarity: Inclusions, Blemishes, view techniques & consideration.
    • Cut: Different shapes and cutting style; Cut Proportions.
    • Carat Weight: Units & Weight estimation calculations.
  • Aspects of Practical Diamond Grading on the basis of 4 C's
  • Diamond Treatments and their detection.
  • Diamond Sorting & Valuation.
  • Practical Session

  • Introduction to the world of Gemstones; Mine to Market
  • Classification of gemstones; Organic & Inorganic, Group, Species & Varieties.
  • Physical & Optical properties, their application in Gem Testing.
  • Crystallography, Shapes & Cutting Styles.
  • Color, its origin in gems and various optical Phenomenon.
  • Magnification techniques; internal & external features.
  • Identification of various gemstones, their Simulants & Synthetics.
  • Gemstone Treatments & their identification.
  • Valuation of Gemstones. Impact of quality, origin/sources, characteristics, features & external market factors.
  • Practical Sessions.
Jewellery Designing
  • Understand Jewellery Design Theory & Jewellery Artistry.
  • Illustrate shape, Form & Texture of Metal.
  • Stone setting, render faceted Gems, Cabochons, Beads & Pearls.
  • Various Drafting Techniques; Traditional & Contemporary to Designer Jewellery.
Jewellery Management
  • Introduction to Jewellery Markets, Opportunities & Trends.
  • Consumer behavior & buying pattern.
  • Product understanding & selling skills.
  • Procurement & Stock Management.
  • Customer Satisfaction & after service.
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