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Terms & Conditions
Following are theTerms & Conditions governing the Laboratory Reports issued by GJI.

GJI has prepared this report after carefully examining the article(s) to the best of its knowledge and professional standards using internationally accepted Procedures / Instruments.

The opinions may reasonably vary to the characteristics covered in the Report, hence, neither GJI nor any member of its staff shall, at any time, be held responsible for any discrepancy which may result from the application of different Procedures and Methods.

In the event of any claim by the client or any person for damage to the article(s) or damages resulting directly or indirectly from this Report, the liability shall be limited to the amount it receives as a fee in connection with this report.

The Report is provided upon request of the client and/or the owner of the article(s). By making this Report, GJI does not endorse any kind of transaction, such as sale, purchase or barter. Neither the client nor any purchaser of the article(s) referred herein shall regard this Report as an Appraisal or Evaluation or as Guarantee / Warranty.

GJI operates as an independent laboratory and has no direct or indirect financial interest in the sale of article(s) mentioned in the Report.

For protection and transportation purposes, the article(s) can be sealed in a plastic box containing the original Report number.

All matters, disputes or references subject to jurisdiction within the state of Delhi.

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